Selected Poems

Blind River, Guernica, winter 2019.

Ankles Like Ancient Birds, Salamander, winter 2019.

Immortal Stories, Salamander, winter 2019.

Unholy Sonnets, Notre Dame Review, Winter 2018.

Fog Trench, The Common, Fall 2018.

Churchgoing, The Literary Review, Summer 2019.

Shake the Dark Out, Prairie Schooner, Winter 2014.

Translation of Martial poem, Book X, XLVII, and new companion poem, “A Double Sort of Likeness,” The Literary Review, Summer 2013.

Tropics, Prairie Schooner, Fall 2013.

Groomed Water Descending in Prisms, Subtropics, May 2014.

Four poems, The Literary Review, Indian Poetry Issue, Spring 2009.

Morning of the Monsoon, Slate, January 1999.

Under Heaven, Poetry, September 2002.

Translation of “Summer was Naked” by Gabriele D’Annunzio, The Literary Review, Spring 2002.

Seeing Through Things and Apples Out of Season, The Literary Review, Fall 2004.

Getting Married after a Tour of the Manhattan Adirondacks in Central Park, The Southern Review, Spring 2004.

Two poems, BOMB, 2000.

Poems, The Lines Review, anthology of 12 young Indian poets, September 1996.

Arranged Marriage and Paperbacks, Agni, April 1999.

Rezoning in Brooklyn, Open City, Winter 1999.

Visiting the Synagogue in Jewtown, Cochin, Harvard Review, September 2000.

Approaching Denali and Leaving Pacheco Street, The Gettysburg Review, Fall 2001.

Consider Jerusalem, Harvard Review, April 2001.

Christopher Columbus, Antioch Review, Fall 1999.

Stinson Beach, Gulf Coast, Winter 1998.

Bookshelf, Pyramid, Tradition, and Video, Callaloo, Summer 1997.

India and Playbill, Salamander, 1997.


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